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Information about Scrapbooking Supplies

So you want to start scrapbooking. As with most crafts/hobbies there are some basic supplies you will need before you can get started. The following are by no means all you can get but will give you a good basic inventory of scrapbooking supplies.
  • Cardstock/Paper – The basis of any scrapbook is the paper. It is important to choose acid-free and lignin-free papers to avoid the yellowing that typically happens to paper over time. For the pages you should choose a solid color as a background to your photographs and mementos. For other embellishments you can buy a starter pack of paper and cardstock that includes a variety of solid color paper to get you started. You can also buy patterned papers in a huge variety of designs and colorways. Cardstock, which is a heavier paper, also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and there is a version of cardstock with a “core” that when you tear it shows a white line. Non-core cardstock will show the same color when torn.
  • Adhesives – There are a number of ways your photographs, embellishments and mementos can be affixed to the pages. The most common adhesives are glue stick, liquid glue, tape, glue dots and brads. Though it is not necessary to have all types of adhesives in the beginning it is important that for your first project you check the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure it will work well on the back of photographs and other materials. Not all glues are suitable for scrapbooking.
  • Pens – You will need at the very least one black pen for writing underneath your photographs to describe what it is about. Choose a pen that is filled with pigment ink and is fade-proof and water-proof. You can also purchase colored pens of the same style for doodling on pages if you wish.
  • Scissors/Trimmers – As cutting is one of the essential elements of scrapbooking you will need to have some good cutting tools. A pair of good quality, sharp scissors is all you will really need in your early scrapbooking days. A paper trimmer can be added to your inventory at a later date if you feel it is something you will use regularly.
  • Embellishments – A quick look in your sewing kit or around the home will likely reveal that you have a number of things you can use for embellishments. If not, or you want to add to what you already have, you can purchase ribbons, lace, stickers, brads, ready-made frames, photo overlays, buttons and so much more. Don’t forget that if you have a flower garden, pressed dried flowers make wonderful decorative elements too.
  • Scrapbook Kits – Starting a scrapbook “from scratch” may be more than you feel comfortable with, or perhaps you want to follow a particular theme. This is when ready-made scrapbooking kits can save you a lot of time as well as give you a good basis for your scrapbook. You can use the items included as-is or add your own touches to them to personalize them.
  • Page Protectors – Just as with any photograph album, your scrapbook pages will need to be protected in order to last as long as possible. Choose an acid-free type and make sure that they fit your pages neatly to offer optimum protection to the lovingly created pages inside them.
  • Album or Cover – Ready-made albums make first scrapbooking projects much easier. When purchasing an album bear in mind how long you want your scrapbook to last and choose one that will provide the best protection for the pages inside. The variety of albums is almost as large as that of patterned papers.
  • Storage – Just as important as page protectors and the album cover itself is a means of storing your precious creation once it is finished. It is a worthwhile investment to purchase a specially-designed storage case for your scrapbook. For your scrapbooking supplies a simple basket with pockets will suffice in the beginning.
scrapbook supplies